NBToryGal’s “Soapbox”


The root of the conflict is not the settlements; it is the very existence of the state of Israel and the desire to wipe it off the face of the earth,” – “Our top public diplomacy mission is to explain that the root of this conflict is not territorial. It is over our very existence in any borders whatsoever.” –

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

–NBToryGal soapbox–

Why does the world think they know better? They do not know what it is like to be a citizen of Israel. The world is not in a position to give proper advice to Israel. Having the world against them is nothing new. Just to claim their homeland in the late 40’s was an absolute miracle, under the circumstances of thinking then. Germany telling Israel to smarten up and get with the program will not move Israel. Too many memories of the past and one very apt one lately, that being, Germany’s abstaining from the UN vote.

To say that Israel should seek peace. They have always sought that. When they have been pushed to the brink, they defend. From my observation and impression, it is Palestine and all of it’s factions who have dragged their feet and been non participants. The Palestinians favoring playing to world opinion and ignoring Israel. the Palestinian factions escalating violence at Israel whenever they feel like it and never being “called on it” by the rest of the world.

I feel offended and I am not of Jewish heritage. I feel the injustice of it all. No one can know how the everyday life is in a vulnerable and small country, surrounded by guns pointed at you, not a friend in sight. They have a right to make defense of their country a priority. In later years Israel has offered olive branches to their enemy in the form of land given back and housing terminated. Land won legitimately too. Take a look at yourselves world. Think again. What I see of your humanity is not pretty, fair, or wise.

Funny about Egypt. Egyptian President Nasser was planning to invade Israel. Israel found out. Thus the 1967 six-day war. Israel was victorious. Fast forward to present day. A President of Egypt, a Muslim Brotherhood person, was the broker in the call off of the recent conflict. I wish the world to note that Israel listened and reluctantly stopped in the name of peace.


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